There are several writers from Granada that stake by their works like Francisco Ayala García-Duarte with Dog 's Death and The Usurpers , Felipe Romero Olmedo that with The second son of the silk merchant delves us into the Granada of Ziríes of the 11th C., José Luis Gastón Morata, author of Bergamot Perfume or The Muladí: 1475-1500.

Patricia Villanueva Polo and her first novel The portrait, Antonina Rodrigo García and Women Grenadines reprisals one of his last publications, Javier Valenzuela Jimeno with Gunpowder, snuff and leather and José Luis Serrano Moreno with the historical novel The Alhambra Solomon, among all of those that we have left in the inkwell.

As for music , and each in its style, we are proud to mention the mezzo - soprano Sandra Pastrana, Carlos Cano that once was home, Miguel Rios, Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick that in 1996 collaborated with Enrique Morente, doing the disc Omega, where they sang to Federico García Lorca and Leonard Cohen, Kiki Morente or Ketama. In addition to Lola Indigo, Rosa López or the international conductor Pablo Heras Casado.

Among canvas , colours and images, we do highlight the works of painters such as José Maria Rodriguez-Acosta portraying female nudes and still lifes, like Andaluzas, José Guerrero abstract painter that highlighted by chromaticism, José Larocha Guerrero who embodied scenes, landscapes and customs form Granada, like the painting Placeta de Porras, or Ismael González de la Serna, a cubist, surrealist and abstract artist of the mid-twentieth century.

Special mention deserves the femalespainters from Granada that were invisible and ignored by the society of that time, and not only, and in the history and art books. For instance, Aurelia Navarro Moreno paintings, such as Desnudo, who “signed her works”, received two medals and disappeared to the become a nun, Concepción Mejías Salvador, Maria de la Luz González García Duarte -mother of Francisco Ayala García-Duarte-, or the sisters Soledad and Maria of the Carmen Enriquez y Ferrer.